Chuck Peterson Packing



​​​​​The Packing Pedagogy

Call Chuck Peterson “mule-headed” and, unlike most folks, he’d thank you for the compliment. 

Peterson has worked more than 30 years as an instructor at Colorado State University’s Equine Center, where he now teaches packing, outfitting and an introduction to trail riding. 

Although he adeptly works with horses, he is admittedly more smitten by mules. 

Peterson’s resume includes six years as facility manager and event coordinator at CSU’s Equine Teaching and Research Center.   He has ranched and raised good horses and mules for many years.  

Peterson also conducts packing clinics each year from his ranch to other locations often in other states.  

Peterson’s CSU students coined a glowing term for their amiable instructor’s frequent humorous remarks or nuggets of wisdom: “Chuck-isms.”